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A Coming of Age Discovery for Young Girls

Fun, Creative, Empowering

Our vision for Wise Sister Circles is to support girls to grow into confident and informed women. It offers a journey of discovery for young girls aged 10-12 b to learn, have fun, create, connect, to be empowered and a place where they can be exactly who they are.

We actively explore:

  • Healthy relationships

  • Assertiveness 

  • Body sovereignty & consent

  • Exploring and understanding the physiological and emotional changes to girls and boys during puberty

  • Honouring menarche (first bleed) and menstruation

  • Cultivating intuition and our inner wisdom

  • Growing self esteem as we strengthen connection to self, to others, and to the world around us.

Circles include:

  • Minimum 6 - Maximum 10 girls

  • 2 skilled and qualified facilitators

  • 15 hours of face to face engagement and group facilitation

  • Art supplies

  • Hearty and nutritious snacks

  • Mum's circle  

  • A celebration where we welcome mums or an important female figure

  • A life-affirming education in puberty, menstruation and growing up that is priceless!

Some of the fun activities we might do together includes:




Clay modelling


Dance and movement


Engaging with nature

Coming of Age celebration

TERM 4, 2022 DATES


Four Sundays, 1-4pm

Sunday 16 October

Sunday 23 October

Sunday 13 Nov

Sunday 20 Nov


Wednesday 12 October, 6.30pm  - 9.30pm.

We meet to care for ourselves, to support our daughters, and to learn about the journey our daughters will embark upon. 


West Footscray



* The fees are based on estimated hours of work for two mentors and a minimum number of participants (6) i.e. 15 hours face to face contact plus additional hours of planning, setting up, cleaning up and estimated expenditure for food and art materials etc. The program is an investment of both time and money for families, and we understand sometimes this is difficult. All parts of the program are really important to commit to and we feel it is a most worthwhile investment, for lifelong benefits for your daughter. However, we operate on a sliding scale – the fees can be altered based on your needs, and families who can pay in full support families who may not have the means… please contact us if you are interested for your daughter but are experiencing financial hardship. Our mission is to make this accessible to all young women, and no young woman will be turned away.

Please register your interest or request an info pack for our next circle by emailing Ceci and Zoe:

Coming of Age Circles: Services
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