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Wise Sister

Coming of Age Circles for Young Girls

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Coming of Age Program

Wise Sister Circles is a coming-of-age program dedicated to empowering girls as they embark on their journey to womanhood. We are based in Melbourne's Inner West.  

We pour ourselves wholeheartedly into embracing this journey into womanhood with fun, soul, creativity and love.

WIse Sister is inspired by the Journey of Young Women (JOYW) international mentor training program led by Katherine Krueger. It celebrates the wisdom of our bodies, connection to our feminine intuition, supporting connection to others and the world around us, and caring for our whole selves including social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

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Coming of Age Circles
for Young Girls

Our next Wise Sister Cricle will run in Term 4, 2022.

Circles will be held over 4 Sunday afternoons 1-4pm during October / November.

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Mum's Circles

As part of the Wise Sister Circle we facilitate a mum's circle prior to commencing our work with the girls. 

We meet to care for ourselves, to support our daughters, and to learn about the journey our daughters will embark upon.

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Coming of Age Celebration

We celebrate the girls' coming of age with a ceremony and opportunity to honour the mother-daughter connection and matrilineal lineage, with mums or an important female figure invited to share in this special last day.

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Wise Sister is a holistic wellbeing project created by Cecilia Tankey and Zoe Harris, a couple of inner-west mums who are passionate about positive self-esteem in young people. We are mental health professionals with a zest for life and building up community.

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