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Parent Information Sessions

Being Involved in Your Daughter's Journey

This is a meet-up and orientation to the aims, methods, guiding principles and policies of the Circles. Multiple parents are welcome. 

This is an important first step in our program for the following reasons:

1) Parents are the first and most enduring influence on a child's life, so our program is a collaboration between Parents and Mentors; by attending the information session parents get first-hand and transparent information about what we do and why, it is also the first point of connection between developing a relationship between parents and mentors, supporting the creation of a 'safe container' for our girls. This is a lovely way to meet and connect.

2) It is the first step in demonstrating commitment to the program, and it means that parents are involved from the very beginning, so that parents understand the role that they play in their daughter's journey. This is an important first step before families can register their daughters for the program.

3) The mentors are two busy professionals with their own families and lives, and do not have exhaustive hours to give to individual phone calls, meetings and information sharing about the program with individual families. The information session is a wonderful part of the program to make it sustainable in the long-term.

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